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    Build a characteristic pharmaceutical industry chain


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    Shandong jincheng pharmaceutical group co., LTD.(hereinafter referred to as "jincheng medicine", stock code: 300233) was established in 2004. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a listed enterprise on the gem. At present, the company owns Beijing jincheng strategy pharmaceutical technology co., LTD., Beijing lang in accordance with the pharmaceutical co., LTD., Shanghai jincheng pharmaceutical co., LTD., guangdong Jin Chengjin pharmaceutical co., LTD., shandong jincheng pharmaceutical chemical co., LTD., shandong jincheng biological pharmaceutical co., LTD., Italy haibao shows 23 GuCan holdings co., LTD., etc. Company through "enterprise + capital" two-wheel driven development model, building has formed unique characteristics of the jincheng medical health pharmaceutical industry chain, scope of business involving biopharmaceuticals, cephalosporin intermediates, characteristic, terminal dosage, health care products, new materials, new high-end medical equipment and other industries, and has been formed in the business income is 2.8 billion yuan, total assets of nearly 5 billion industry scale.

    Company is three or four generation cephalosporin intermediates, API, biological pharmacy, terminal, and children's products for the main business of scientific research, production enterprises, including cephalosporins pharmaceutical intermediates product sales, sales income is the industry leader for many years, is an important biological pharmaceutical production base and domestic well-known medical health industry group. Leading products are glutathione (cyanine peptide), nitrate injunctions too capsule (lang), bisoprolol fumarate pesos capsule (jas), compound radix aucklandiae aluminum magnesium (driver), cefazolin sodium (AnSiFu ANCEF), AE - active ester, furan ammonium salt of nearly hundred kinds of.

    Jincheng pharmaceutical has always taken innovation as the source power of enterprise development, and has always taken "continuously increasing investment in science and technology, promoting scientific and technological innovation and building scientific and technological competitiveness" as the central strategy of enterprise development. Company has taishan industry talents, a large number of academicians, Dr High-end talents of science and technology, focusing on research and development of cephalosporins pharmaceutical intermediates, polypeptide high-end biopharmaceuticals, biological pharmacy, anti-tumor, cardiovascular, gynecology, pediatrics, anti-infection, and other fields, in cephalosporin antibiotics production process of continuous research and development and technology applications of synthetic biology has accumulated rich experience in research and development and technology lead, animating the whole industry has promoted the technical level and rapid development. Company as the national torch program, the shandong province science and technology research project implementation unit, academician workstation, post-doctoral mobile workstations, enterprise technology centers recognized by the state, enterprise technology center in shandong province, shandong cephalosporin intermediates for engineering technology research center, has been authorized 88 national patents, in addition, hundreds of patents pending applications. In recent years, the company has won the "national science and technology progress prize", "the top 100 most respectable investors of listed companies", "best gem companies", "the most innovative of the listed company", "top 50 Chinese pharmaceutical industry growth", etc.

    At present, the company adhere to the scientific development, in accordance with the "big health, medical, pharmaceutical industry chain with jincheng characteristics" of the industry orientation and "adjustment and transformation and upgrading, development" strategic thinking, is committed to jincheng characteristic three direction pharmaceutical industry chain construction - "cephalosporin antibiotics terminal industry chain, polypeptide characteristic biological pharmaceutical industry chain and of department of gynaecology, regulating immune preparation class industrial chain". At the same time, the company to speed up the construction of the "three platforms" (technology innovation platform, the industrial operation platform, the organization control platform), speed up the building construction of "four teams" (entrepreneur team, senior management team, professional talent team, team of skilled workers), active practice of connotative development, denotative expansion and investment merger and acquisition of three kind of development mode, focus on the company into a "science and technology, ecology, standardization, branding and internationalization" of the modern medical health industry group, booster medicine progress, and enjoy a healthy life, aims to be innovative medical health industry leader.

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